My background…

In order to put myself and my work in context I thought I would gather some recollections of my early career, together with the artists and people who have influenced and formed my views on art.

My CV…


  • Hello world!…my earliest memory
    Hello world!…my earliest memory

    My earliest memory of drawing is my mum showing me how to draw a bird. As you can imagine it was a...

  • Secondary School
    Secondary School

    I was fortunate to attend a secondary school where art was taught and driven by two particularly enthusiastic teachers Gerry McConville and...

  • Ideas & Understanding
    Ideas & Understanding

    At school I realised that art was about ideas as well as representing the world, and my Dad always encouraged me to...

  • Euan Uglow
    Euan Uglow

    From school I went to study Fine Art at Manchester Polytechnic. At that time there was an emphasis on abstract and expressive...

  • William Coldstream
    William Coldstream

    Despite the experience (with Euan Uglow), I still enjoyed the work of Uglow, and as part of my thesis in my final...

  • Granada TV
    Granada TV

    I finished my degree at Manchester Polytechnic in 1979. I left already planning to make an application for postgraduate study in London...

  • The Royal Academy
    The Royal Academy

    The following year (after Manchester Polytechnic), 1980 I gained a post graduate place at the RA Schools for Painting. I moved to...

  • Lessons Learnt
    Lessons Learnt

    I was very aware of the differences between Manchester and London and these included the better weather, and how expensive London was...

  • Roderic Barrett
    Roderic Barrett

    The tutor who most influenced my thinking whist at the RA was Roderic Barrett. He was a very sensitive teacher and he...


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